Video Content Monetization

How to Create a Successful Video Content Distribution Strategy

You already know video is the next big thing since sliced bread or Amazon. You’re working hard on creating great content but growth is not happening as fast as you’d like. Sometimes the reasons for this are clear, and sometimes we need to regroup and go back to basics to return to the path to success once again. Original and engaging content always has an audience, maybe that audience is just on other platforms. Let’s go over the phases for creating a successful video content distribution strategy.

Find Your Target Audience

Creating content is one thing, getting people to watch your content is a whole other ball game. If you already found your target audience, skip over to the next bullet point. If you haven’t, keep reading. Defining your target audience is the cornerstone of your success. Once you understand your audience you can create more engaging videos and keep your viewers coming back for more. Try “speaking” to an individual as opposed to an audience. Personalization helps build deeper relationships between you and your target audience. Many content creator marketing tactics include defining a persona. Answering basic questions about age, occupation, interests, dreams, goals, etc. Here is a more in-depth guide to help you find your target audience.

Locating Your Target Audience’s Favorite Platforms

From a content creator marketing perspective, this is where many content creators fail their video content distribution strategy. Finding out your ideal target audience is 50% of the work, to reach 100, you need to know your platforms. Think Media has 1.3 Million subscribers on YouTube. They released a video talking about the 4 things every content creator must know. The first thing they talk about is the importance of choosing your platforms. Once you know who your target audience is, the next step is finding out what platforms they hang out on.  

The simplest way of solving this puzzle is by looking at the competition. Map out your competition and find the platforms they are using. It’s easy to spot. Look at the number of followers or subscribers they have. Check out the comment section and how many likes or dislikes each piece of content has. Look for the big numbers but don’t neglect the smaller ones. The second part of the platform review is mastering the ‘dos and don’ts’ for each platform. It’s time-consuming, but there are tools to help you through this and one is coming up next. 

Distribute Content to Multiple Platforms Effortlessly

Once you’ve mastered the first two parts of our successful video content distribution strategy. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and start building. Keeping your video content on YouTube alone can only get you this far. You have the option to create your own channels on major connected TV platforms, reach larger audiences and strengthen your brand. You could do this one by one, or you could use Castify that does everything for you. Castify is a comprehensive video distribution platform that saves you a ridiculous amount of work and money. It helps you distribute your content to multiple platforms automatically. It does all the work for you by creating a beautiful UI powered app and distributing your content to each platform. Apps and other tools help us do our job better and faster and Castify delivers. You simply need to sign up, input your YouTube URL, and select your preferred platforms. Its biggest appeal stems from the built-on monetization and superior UI that’s applied to each individual platform. Now, how do you measure success?

Optimize Video Content Distribution Strategy (rinse and repeat)

Castify makes it easy to reach new audiences, grow your follower base, and provide a premium user experience seamlessly. It provides a powerful real-time advanced dashboard so you can easily track and optimize your activity. Empower your video content distribution strategy by discovering top-performing platforms and top-performing regions around the world. Apply data to make smarter decisions with your video content and distribution strategy. Observe and extract valuable data from your content’s performance to further optimize your activity and earnings. Most importantly, keep making original and engaging content.


Building a successful video content distribution strategy that expands your loyal fan base is not easy. But it’s fulfilling and is imperative to your success as a content creator. If you create a plan and follow your video content distribution strategy the sky is limit. Remember your goals and keep creating.